The reality for Judah and Israel in 7th century B.C. has turned into a grave question for our country in the 21st century A.D.; Are we watching our country disintegrate? 

In chapter 12. God assures Jeremiah that all will be set right, after Jeremiah vents his frustration over the level of prosperity accrued by the wicked. In chapter 13, God gives Jeremiah a visual to illustrate and expound on by having him buy a new linen belt, take it to Perath, and hide it in a crevice in the rocks and come back. When God tells Jeremiah to come back, Jeremiah finds that the belt is completely ruined and useless. This in turn paints a vivid illustration of Israel and Judah in God's eyes. In chapter 14, God is about to send drought, famine, and a sword to the nations. How did all of these things fare then, and how are they faring and flaring up today as the entire world is heading towards disaster, discipline, and wrath comparable to that described in the book of Revelation?