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We're A Movement, Not A Religion

Ret. U.S. Navy Seal Michael Imhof returns as our special guest speaker this week, speaking on the subject of utilizing one's authority in Christ. In this message, Michael challenges the church to use what Christ equipped us with when He rose from the dead IN VICTORY. Michael addresses some of the "dead wood" in the church today hindering the power that Christ equipped us with. And in this message, Michael shows us how to take this power seriously, utilize it, and see what tangible results come from it.

Whoever Loves His Brother Lives In The Light

Jesus said that out of faith, hope, and love, love is the greatest of these. Why is that? Love is all of these things in action. Love is one of the most important things about us. Why? Because it shows what we are willing to give up of ourselves and help, comfort, or aide someone else. In this message, Pastor Troy Billow expounds on the power of love and what that entails for those who follow Christ.

And The Government Will Be On His Shoulders

As the world continues to sink into oblivion and consolidate into one central global power, Christ Himself will ultimately smash that power, and begin a new, physical Kingdom on earth. After all, as the world cries about the end of the world, Jesus has other plans in mind, and a powerful investment in its future. The Word of God is LOADED with specific details as to what is going to transpire after things get profusely ugly, and how things will look on the earth when Jesus does tangibly rule and reign. What is the Jesus Christ administration going to look like in the first thousand years? What will the olicy agenda of His administration look like in several key areas? How are His people going to govern with Him? Nuggets of details are peppered all throughout scripture, and LFCC's own Bible Teacher Rob Case will bring many of those details here in this message, to paint a picture as to how this will come to fruition, and how Christ's rule and reign will not only change the world, but will HEAL it once and for all.

God's Love Can Be ...(I John 2:3-6)

Full Title: God's Love Can Be Made Complete In You (I John 2:3-6)

It is important to remember that John wrote this letter because the church was beginning to lose its identity. They were starting to be deceived and confused by false doctrine. That false doctrine tried to convince people that God had not come in the flesh, which is the power of the gospel. And if you lose that vital component, you can cause people to not walk in the truth of the lord, walk in the light of the Lord, and walk in the love of the Lord. The enemy works hard to get the church (today in the same way he did back then) to forget what makes believers in Jesus Christ powerful, effective, content, and joyful. The way to counter this is to focus on being a true disciple, a learner of the Master, and follow what He says. When you follow Christ, you go AGAINST the culture/society, and you prove, by action, that you love the Lord.

Do You Need A Good Defense Lawyer? (I John 2:1-2)

A Judge in a court has the power to free you or convict you when you commit offenses against the law and thus society. Your lawyer is your advocate to defend you on your behalf. Jesus Christ is the advocate of every believer to defend us in the court of God the Father. Find out what this important dynamic means as Pastor Troy Billow explains it from an experience standpoint.

Living Faith Prayer & Praise Service 2024

To commemorate The National Day of Prayer, Living Faith Community Church presents a special Prayer and Praise Service, observing key foundations of our faith; such as Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Join us as we re-calibrate our sense of these foundations in scripture, prayer, and song.

If We Confess Our Sins (I John 1:8-10)

The Word of God is truth, and when the truth gets through you, and convicts you, you need to confess your sins. This is a benefit that the Holy Spirit carries out to keep us right with God. Just as we need to take a bath/shower regularly to get rid of unappealing odors, grease, and oils, we need to have our sins washed away every day. Confession is going to God, in humility, for help, and laying out everything in front of Him, so that He can administer what needs to be taken away, what needs to be renewed, and what needs to be brand new. If we confess, God is faithful and just to forgive us from all our sin, and will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Confession to the Lord directly should be a daily regiment in your relationship with Him.

My Refuge & Fortress (Psalm 91:1-16)

When a concept is repeated throughout God's Word, God wants you to remember it. As the Lord was David's rock, fortress, and strength, as well as a multitude of many other leaders God raised up in the Bible, so God is our refuge, fortress, and strength today whenever we trust and rely on Him. In this message, LFCC's very own Thom Espinos will explain how Jesus is our offense, defense, protector, and strength, and how that dynamic works.

Walk In The Light (I John 1:5-7)

John shares his personal experience with Jesus to remind the churches about the truth of the real, physical Jesus Christ, whom he personally encountered, walked with, talked with, and saw after His resurrection, before he experienced the inaugural effect of the Holy Spirit himself, as well as the other disciples, 40 days after Christ's resurrection. That said, John's message is very deep, spirit filled, and loaded with energy. In this portion of his letter to the churches, John encourages fellowship with one another. He confronts false doctrine (in the form of what is known as the Gnostic gospels-completely taking away the godly qualities of Jesus Christ). And in this portion, John exhorts believers to walk in the light of Christ and to, in that light, walk with each other.

The Word of Life (I John 1:1-4)

In the first message in a new series on the book of I John, Pastor Troy Billow lays the historical foundation and theological basis that John is addressing. Many false teachers known as Gnostics, are exerting false doctrine, and it is infiltrating the church. John is bringing the points up in this book to confront that false doctrine and holding the hand of the churches that need help and instruction. Then, like today, the church needs help and instruction to confront and combat false doctrine in its many forms, to make God's impact on one's mind, heart, and soul, clear, concise, powerful, and effective.