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In Jeremiah chapter 36, Jeremiah enlists a scribe to read a message of judgment on the nation of Judah on a scroll and send it to King Jehoiakim. To show his contempt for Jeremiah, he burns the scroll as it is being read by one of his aides. Jeremiah dictates the message once again and has the message rewritten, however God declares that King Jehoiakim will be punished severely for destroying the scroll. In Chapter 37, King Zedekiah of Jerusalem forges an alliance with the Egyptians in hopes to take pressure off from the squeeze of the Babylonians. Jeremiah warns that the plan will fail, so Jeremiah is falsely accused of treason, refuse to hear him out and proceed with a punishment, strikes him, and throws him into prison left to stay, though with bread. Where have we seen something similar like this play out in recent history?