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Jeremiah's enemies, with King Zedekiah's permission, captures Jeremiah, lowers him into a pit of mud, and leaves him to die as he sinks. An Ethiopian by the name of Ebed Melech, with Zedekiah's permission, pulls Jeremiah out of the pit. With the nation of Judah running out of food and water, and the inevitability of the invasion by the Babylonians looming closer, Zedekiah pulls Jeremiah aside, and asks what he should do. Jeremiah tells King Zedekiah that in order to save himself and the city, he needs to surrender to the Babylonians. It is the ultimate battle over the fate of a nation and a king who is double minded in regards as to who or what he should trust; his instinct, or God's word through the prophet he condemns. In chapter 39, King Nebuchadnezzar lays siege to Jerusalem. King Zedekiah tries to escape, deserting the very people under him who he has doomed. Nebuchadnezzar catches up to him, kills his sons in front of him, and gouges out his eyes. From there, the REALITY of the terror that is surrounding Judah and Israel is advancing and materializing, while every key position is being taken over and filled by the Babylonians. As this is all transpiring, Ebed Melech has a message from God of comfort and hope.