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After the fall of Judah and Jerusalem to the Babylonians, events transpire that tests faith in God, loyalty to the new overlords, and actions that are taken which creates drama and intrigue. In chapter 40, Nebuzaraden, the Captain of the Guard of the Babylonian army, is aware of Jeremiah's prophecies, advising Judah to join the yoke of Babylon. This earns Jeremiah favor with him and the Babylonian army (and is the basis for God's protection over him), and the captain allows Jeremiah to choose where he wants to live, in Babylon or stay in Jerusalem. In chapter 41, the Babylonians install a governor by the name of Gedaliah to rule over Judah. A Jewish zealot by the name of Ishmael incites a mob and assassinates the new governor, while taking down  other Babylonian officials helping him keep order. In chapter 42, the leaders ask Jeremiah to pray for guidance and direction as to what to do from there. They assure Jeremiah that they will obey the voice of the Lord, so God sends Jeremiah a message to them, telling them that He will build them up, promises that they will remain in the land, tells them not to be afraid of Nebuchadnezzar, and assures them that He will be with them, should they trust Him.