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Events down spiral as lack of faith, trust, and the rise of anger clouds a nation's judgment. In chapter 43, Johanan the High Priest of the Temple, and leader of the remnant, along with others, accuse Jeremiah of speaking falsely, disregarding his message from God, so they seek refuge in Egypt, taking Jeremiah and his friend and scribe Baruch with them. As a result, God reveals to Jeremiah that He will send Nebuchadnezzar to strike the land of Egypt hard. In chapter 44, we learn that the people of Judah have not been humbled and that God will set his face against them for catastrophe. The deluded hearts of the people leads them to believe that since they stopped sacrificing to "The Queen of Heaven", all hell broke loose, so they try to reinstate their sacrifices to "her", making their spiritual perversity anger God even more. In chapter 45, God sends a message to Baruch, revealing matters about the land and people, but also encouraging him (as he is disheartened), and preparing him so that he can be saved from what is coming next.