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In chapter 46, we see that God will not allow rebellion to go unattended and unpunished forever.  Since the Remnant has fled to Egypt, God is sending His judgment there. So, what they think they're running away from in Judah and Jerusalem, they are about to experience again in Egypt. On top of that, as God's judgment follows the remnant, He also executes His vengeance on Egypt, repaying them for what they did against Israel, and what Pharoah Neco did to King Josiah in Carchemish. It is in Carchemish that the Pharoah of Egypt and His army will fall to Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian army. In chapter 47, we see God's judgment shift, as it not only handily defeats Egypt, but it goes after Egypt's allies, who God took issue with for its sins against Israel. In this chapter we see God repaying Philistia, a nation whose people had been enemies of Israel for a long time. Philistia was defeated by the Egyptians, but now it will be destroyed under the Babylonians.