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In chapter 51 of the Book of Jeremiah, Babylon has not only become an object of God's judgment (as was described in chapter 50), but it has also become a target marked for complete desolation. There is much to learn about God's sovereignty, the hearts of Kings and rulers, and how their actions can bring about complete and total ruin, or healing to their nation, as described in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Also, the placement of this chapter reveals a twist in how prophecy and history become interchangeable in its chronology, especially as God ordains it. What does this mean for us today? Find out as we explore a number of dynamics relating to prophecy, sovereignty - as nations are ruled by men, God's transcendent sovereignty over the nations and men who rule them, and history as it plays it all out, as we examine the second consecutive chapter on Babylon's ultimate devastation, albeit through the means of God's retribution. This cataclysmic event would in turn, usher in the rise of the Medo-Persian empire, which became the dominant world empire of its day, following the fall of Babylon.