In this message, Pastor Troy Billow takes us into the heart of Peter, whose enthusiasm towards Christ was great when he was a disciple of Christ, but waned when the chips were down Christ was crucified by the Romans. Peter fled and did not even show up when Christ was crucified. Feeling fearful, disappointed, and depressed, all hope seemed lost for Peter. But after Christ rose from the dead, He reached out to Peter, helped him see how he was behaving, and led him to see that he needed to change. How many of us are very much like Peter? We all have a calling, we all have a unique attribute, specific talent, or purpose, but how many of us use it for the Kingdom, and how many of us do not because of fear, doubt, or self-pity? Thankfully for us, like Peter, Jesus gives us a second chance, and we see what heights Peter rose to because of His love for Christ, and his being empowered by the Holy Spirit.