As the world continues to sink into oblivion and consolidate into one central global power, Christ Himself will ultimately smash that power, and begin a new, physical Kingdom on earth. After all, as the world cries about the end of the world, Jesus has other plans in mind, and a powerful investment in its future. The Word of God is LOADED with specific details as to what is going to transpire after things get profusely ugly, and how things will look on the earth when Jesus does tangibly rule and reign. What is the Jesus Christ administration going to look like in the first thousand years? What will the olicy agenda of His administration look like in several key areas? How are His people going to govern with Him? Nuggets of details are peppered all throughout scripture, and LFCC's own Bible Teacher Rob Case will bring many of those details here in this message, to paint a picture as to how this will come to fruition, and how Christ's rule and reign will not only change the world, but will HEAL it once and for all.