Peter has been addressing all of the areas of our lives that affect us abroad and up front (government, the workplace, the home, our relationships with our spouses & each other as a community). He even zeroes in to our attitude. But here, Peter is going to speak to our hearts and to our sin. While so many continue to go the way that allows them to indulge in their favorite sins, God calls His people to a life of holy living and once again sets the example. And yet to accomplish this, self sacrifice is required. Peter stresses the importance of arming yourself (a military term), "soldiering up" with Christ, and the more you do this, and the more you sacrifice, the more the sin nature will become less powerful in your life and just "drop off". See the power of how this works as Pastor Troy Billow explains from experience the positive effect that following Christ in this area has impacted him, and will impact you when you apply it.