Pastor Troy Billow brings a special message for Palm Sunday. Because humankind was hopefully lost in sin, God created a master plan, involving His son to die as a sacrifice for us. But this task wasn't easy. People, including Jesus's disciples, had great expectations for Jesus, as they yearned and longed for a King who would crush their oppressors (in this case, the Roman Empire) and rule with a rod of iron. In fact waving palms around in celebration is what people would do towards a conquering King, even putting a crown made of palms on his head. But when they saw that His Kingdom was not of this world, they were disappointed. But what God has initiated, through His master plan is a Kingdom in which he shows us His love, His power, and His grace, and uses people like us to give Him glory,. And what has God used all of this for? For the salvation and restoration of our souls.