Full Title: God's Love Can Be Made Complete In You (I John 2:3-6)

It is important to remember that John wrote this letter because the church was beginning to lose its identity. They were starting to be deceived and confused by false doctrine. That false doctrine tried to convince people that God had not come in the flesh, which is the power of the gospel. And if you lose that vital component, you can cause people to not walk in the truth of the lord, walk in the light of the Lord, and walk in the love of the Lord. The enemy works hard to get the church (today in the same way he did back then) to forget what makes believers in Jesus Christ powerful, effective, content, and joyful. The way to counter this is to focus on being a true disciple, a learner of the Master, and follow what He says. When you follow Christ, you go AGAINST the culture/society, and you prove, by action, that you love the Lord.