There have been five major events in world history that established the world, changed it, and paved a path for a new direction. Those events are creation, the birth of Jesus Christ, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the forthcoming return of Jesus Christ when He comes to rule and reign on the throne of David in Jerusalem. The depth and seriousness of Christ, His resurrection, His impact, and influence is revealed in the prophecies of the ancient prophets, in Jesus's life, attitude, and conduct, and that power is reflected in the lives of everyone who chooses to receive Him into their hearts, abides by Him, and actively applies His example. When you look at how amazing and precise the prophets, Jesus, and His intervention and power in people's lives are, more than enough is provided to convince people to believe. These are the types of people unbelievers do not believe. Who do unbelievers believe? Unbelievers in Christ believe people who do not have that kind of power, influence, and impact. They constantly gravitate towards ridiculous and strange things that aren't factual, however something as significant as the resurrection is something that indeed happened, and is fact, despite what these types of people think. In this special Resurrection Day message, Pastor Troy Billow explains this "fact to belief/disbelief" dynamic, and why it is important for us to consider today.