"How Should the Church Respond to the Changing Culture...?" Kingdom Warriors Night of Truth Event By Pastor Bryan Revor

It's very common for Christians to hate the culture that we are now living in. After all, scripture states that as we move further and further into the last days, people will grow from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived (II Timothy 3:13). However, regardless of where the culture moves, God still loves people with a love so great, so deep, and so wide, that we cannot comprehend it. And God wants people to come to Him, so He can change people from within. God is a people person, and He is more concerned with changing people's hearts individually than He is about changing the culture. In this message, Pastor Bryan Revor teaches on how to engage the culture (including some of the more controversial segments of it) with grace, by looking at the model Jesus set for the seven Churches in the Book of Revelation.