In this special Easter message, Pastor Troy Billow talks about the significance of the resurrection, but also presents a challenge which begs the question; what do you believe? All throughout human history, all of the prophets, all of the law, all of the apostles, and all of the witnesses talked about Jesus Christ coming to save Adam and the entire human race from death, hell, and the grave. It was a reality that was foretold, fulfilled, and has been remembered and expounded on since, with help from the Holy Spirit. It was an event that happened for you to give you power over sin and death, and be restored spiritually. Yet this reality is dismissed by many who in turn believe in a lot of ridiculous and far-fetched theories, and this prevents them from experiencing the power that Christ, who rose from the dead, offers to anyone who lets Him in to their heart and life. God is looking for champions who are empowered by the resurrection, building and advancing His Kingdom, and have a desire to know and make known the truth of His love, ability to overcome tremendous worldly obstacles, and makes you a new person.