Title: Let Me Not Wander From Your Commandments (Part 2) (Psalm 119:9-16)

Why did God consider David to be a man after His own heart? The answer; David was vulnerable, he understood his weakness, and he was desperate. That is the greatest place to be in your relationship with God; desperate. When you are desperate, you are in a state where you are most humble, most teachable, and most serious about doing what needs to be done to overcome trials, adversities, obstacles, temptations, and in turn seek help from God. How do we walk humbly with God? According to His counsel and according to His word, which is God's voice on pages. That said, when you take His word seriously, God's work will cultivate its fruit in your heart, build you up, and get you through. The more you do this, the more you will overcome matters that ail you and grow in maturity, which will change how you act when other challenges come at you.