When Paul preached in Ephesus, craftsmen who carved out shrines to the "great goddess Artemis" feared that preaching Christ would discredit the Ephesians' worship of her and put those who profited business wise from the worship of her out of business. This led to a riot. Today, this type of zeal is incorporated into many other areas like sports games. For example, people get all excited, sacrifice, and make time to gather en masse to see their favorite teams play. And there are people who exploit that excitement and profit from it as well. What would happen if this type of zeal was directed towards the one true God, and the things that he has done, and can do in you and for you? For one thing, many people's emptiness would be overturned. In this message, Pastor Troy Billow will challenge you to think about the power of zeal, and what could happen if it is focused towards God.