Jesus viewed His encounter with the woman at the well as an assignment, a rescue mission. That said, He made an effort to talk to her, met her where she was, addressed her concerns, and in so doing, got to the point. At first, she was resistant, sarcastic, and wanted to be left alone. When Jesus spoke to her, He told her things she didn't like to hear, but she needed to hear it. The truth melted down her hardened disposition and softened her heart to receive the truth. Once received, she responded with a sense of peace that she didn't have before, joy in that her life has been changed and made new, and that compels her to tell people what Jesus did for her, which is what He asked her to do. She then goes and witnesses, happy that the things that made her hard-hearted and dejected are now gone because the prophesied Christ, who came to meet her where she was, has come to make all things new. That said, Jesus has such an impression on people that many respond by being His hands, feet, and mouth to a lost world, motivated by the peace, joy, and purpose that God has instilled in them. Join us as we explore more of what this means for us today.