Title: Revive Me According To Your Word (Part 4) (Psalm 119:25-32)

When the author of Psalm 119 wrote "I have declared my ways", it was his way of saying "I stink". In other words, he is saying he is sinful, weak, and in pursuit of the things that make him miserable. Today the same truth applies to all of humanity. However, the God who answers and teaches His statues offers the same help that this writer experienced today. Today, far too many people think that they are a "good person". The problem with this is that if you think you're a good person, then you don't feel like you need to connect with God. It's an "out" that we rationalize in order to justify our disinterest in connecting with God. The hardcore reality is; you can't help you. As scripture says, "we are dust of the earth", and as dust, we need something other than ourselves to live, and that is a connection with the one who gave us life to begin with. The power of revival is "I need something other than me". And you know? God solves big problems. In this message Pastor Troy Billow shares recent examples of this truth in motion and why its so important to stay connected with God, especially now, as the world continues to down spiral towards its inevitable fall.