Peter shifts his focus to believers (which is true for all time) going through strange times, encountering strange reactions from people, and experiencing strange, evil offenses against them. He basically says, not to think of strange things that are happening to you as "strange". Christians experience alienation (at best) persecution (torture, murder, wrongful slander), and are shut out, shut down, demeaned, "cancelled" and ostracized (at worst). Peter is saying that if you experience these things, think of the future glory to get you through the pain and suffering. Peter ended up being a strong example of this in action, as the Romans took him away to crucify him. God's people, should they be different from the world (which is due to a change of direction in one's life) will encounter opposition, but at the same time, will experience maturity, completion, and wholeness in their life with Christ. We also open the Christmas season with an advent reading and Christmas music.