In the first of a series on the letter to the Galatians, Pastor Troy Billow explains the historic backstory that led to Paul's need for writing the letter to them. Paul visited Galatia in Acts chapters 13-16, and established a church. The problem was that Jews in the Synagogues were influencing new Christians of a Jewish and gentile background, convincing them that they need more than just place their faith in Jesus. They told them that they needed the Law of Moses too. The Jews began slandering Paul too as if he was misleading converts by omitting the whole story, and convinced them that they needed to do more stuff. This letter's purpose is to set the record straight, and act as a chance for Paul to defend himself and the integrity of the Gospel message. The truth of the matter is; are we unworthy? Yes. Do we need to do more stuff to make us more worthy? No. It is Christ who makes us worthy, and He has a history of making people who are messes (like Peter) or self-righteous brainiacs (like Paul) worthy by making them humble, teachable, and in turn, powerfully effective.