In the Roman political realm, mistrust towards the corrupt governor Marcus Antonius Felix led him to be deposed and replaced by Porcius Festus. After being detained for two years, Paul was left in prison by Felix as a favor to the Jews. Here, Paul is standing trial under Porcius Festus, but Festus is finding incredible difficulty in bringing up the legal charges against Paul that are serious enough to warrant special attention from the Emperor. Festus sees the situation as only a "religious dispute" between Paul and the Jews about a "dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive", and Festus brings this case to King Herod Agrippa II, who is the ruler of Judea and Samaria, and has direct contact to Rome and Emperor Nero. After Festus explained his situation, Agrippa's curiosity was triggered, and he asked for Paul to be brought in to hear what he had to say. The very greatness and cosmic significance of the the resurrection of Jesus Christ has created a ground swelling seriousness and change in Paul and other followers of Jesus Christ that has emboldened them to face, at this time, governors and Kings, and it still holds that power today, as Pastor Troy Billow explains in this message.