As we move further in this Letter to the Galatians, Paul is helping us understand the beauty of the Old Testament by referencing it as the foundation for which Jesus built His ministry on (which is the basis of what we refer to as The Gospel). God promises us an inheritance through Jesus Christ. God knows that we are fickle and flawed. So God fulfilled a promise that would be prophesied about throughout the Old Testament, and the fulfillment is Jesus. Promises are extremely important to God. Back then, a man's reputation was built or destroyed based on hoe well he kept his word. Pastor Troy Billow explains, through many examples, how God's promises are irrevocable, unchangeable, and solid. It is by the weight of these things, we should live out our life with respect, devotion, and loyalty to Jesus. With the many things that are considered in this message, you will, by the end of this message, be asking yourself "what kind of child am I?"