The passage addressed in this sermon is our spiritual biography as believers, from God's point of view. Here it is spelled out in a straightforward manner by Paul to show us the profound seriousness of God's grace when we receive His gift of salvation. Before we received this gift, we were, by nature, objects of God's wrath, because we followed the ways of this world, and followed the ruler of the kingdom of the air. In order to really appreciate the depth of this concept, we have to understand that in His grace, God withholds His wrath, and that He can bring His wrath out at any time if He wanted to. At the same time, God wants to transform us, make us alive in Christ, and raise us up. because we are His possession, His handiwork, and His bride, and He wants to "show us off". In this message by Pastor John Billow, we see how sweet and amazing God's grace truly is.