Title: Your Testimonies Are My Counselors  (Part 3) (Psalm 119:17-24)

The world today is loaded with anxiety, and so many people struggle with it. With all that we have as a human race, we are weak and pitiful. What's interesting about this, is that in the first century, the environment, the culture, and the living conditions were far worse, but Jesus stabilized those who trusted in Him. In fact to Jesus, the Word of God is more important than food, as he effectively demonstrated when he was tremendously stressed (Matthew ch. 4). As Paul endured an abundance of hardship (far above anything we call hardship today), he prays that the people will be given the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-18). What does all this mean for you? These examples stress a call, a call for you not to miss your "counseling session" (i.e. your time alone with God and His word). If you don't attend your counseling session, you get messed up quick. You become unkind, unforgiving, miserable, grumpy, and seeking of sin to satisfy you. In other words, when you ignore the Holy Spirit who helps stabilize you when you apply your counsel, the world is gonna get you because the world breeds and incubates anxiety, fear, misery, despair, etc.