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For This Very Hour (John 12:12-28)

Pastor Troy Billow brings a special message for Palm Sunday. Because humankind was hopefully lost in sin, God created a master plan, involving His son to die as a sacrifice for us. But this task wasn't easy. People, including Jesus's disciples, had great expectations for Jesus, as they yearned and longed for a King who would crush their oppressors (in this case, the Roman Empire) and rule with a rod of iron. In fact waving palms around in celebration is what people would do towards a conquering King, even putting a crown made of palms on his head. But when they saw that His Kingdom was not of this world, they were disappointed. But what God has initiated, through His master plan is a Kingdom in which he shows us His love, His power, and His grace, and uses people like us to give Him glory,. And what has God used all of this for? For the salvation and restoration of our souls.

Misplaced Zeal (Acts 19:23-41)

When Paul preached in Ephesus, craftsmen who carved out shrines to the "great goddess Artemis" feared that preaching Christ would discredit the Ephesians' worship of her and put those who profited business wise from the worship of her out of business. This led to a riot. Today, this type of zeal is incorporated into many other areas like sports games. For example, people get all excited, sacrifice, and make time to gather en masse to see their favorite teams play. And there are people who exploit that excitement and profit from it as well. What would happen if this type of zeal was directed towards the one true God, and the things that he has done, and can do in you and for you? For one thing, many people's emptiness would be overturned. In this message, Pastor Troy Billow will challenge you to think about the power of zeal, and what could happen if it is focused towards God.

Overpowered (Acts 19:13-21)

Spiritual warfare is very real, but it can be handled in the right way. Those who belong to the Kingdom of God are in conflict with the Kingdom of darkness, and we are involved in it on a regular basis, whether we acknowledge it or not. The Sons of Sceva in Acts chapter 19 set out to cast out evil spirits in their day, but on one occasion it backfired when the demon asked them “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” Paul had success in casting out demons because he had Christ, and through Christ he had authority. We believe in Christ, His name, His blood, and His power as well. In this message, Pastor Troy Billow teaches us how real faith, real confession, real repentance, can strengthen your authority through Christ.

A Full Heart (John 14:15-21)

Pastor John Billow brings a message showing the distinct transformational power of the Holy Spirit and what he instills in every believer who receives Jesus Christ as his Savior. While the world tells us to "love" and to "trust the science", it is unable to change people's hearts and minds on those merits, and thus unable to change the downward direction that it's heading. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can fill people's hearts and minds with truth, love, and change a person from well as his life and the world around him.

Spiritual Birth (Acts 19:1-12)

When you believe in Jesus Christ, you become "born of the spirit", which means that you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is critical for one to know if he has the Holy Spirit or not. Paul made clear that to be born of the spirit one must resign one's self to the cross, be moved towards repentance, and a change will take place. People wanted to be good, right, etc. but they din't know the Holy Spirit. Pastor Troy explains how only the Holy Spirit living in you can these things be possible.

Keep Right On Speaking (Acts 18:1-17)

In his ministry, Paul has reached a point where he is worn out. He has been through a lot. He has been through two missionary journeys, and he's about to begin his third. This time though, he's tired and he's a little scared. Yet when he receives a word from the Lord directly to not stop and keep right on speaking, he sticks it out and continues. What does that tell us today? Find out what we can learn and apply today through this encounter.

The Heart of a Hero (Acts 18:18-28)

Superheroes are really cool fictional characters that had extra special abilities and powers that the average person does not have. And these superheroes work to save, protect, and help people in need. If you think about it, Jesus Christ is the ultimate superhero, but he is, in fact, real. The extra special abilities & talents that He instills within us helps us be like superheroes out in the world. What power could God's people, His Superheroes have, when they band together? Such is the subject of today's message.

A Strong Heart (Psalm 73:23-28)

Pastor John Billow illustrates the importance of the heart, how it matters over appearance in the eyes of God, and what it truly means to have Jesus "in one's heart" which is the fundamental source of strength to having a strong heart. Pastor Billow expounds on this with real examples of this dynamic put into action.

Make Him Known (Acts 17:16-34)

As the gospel was being preached in the streets, in the marketplace, and in the temple, Paul was motivated to go to the 'smart guys' on Mars Hill in Athens, Greece. There, he stood up and approached them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That boldness, confidence, and determination is precisely what God's people need to make Christ known today in the 21st century. 

Noble Character (Acts 17:10-15)

Pastor Troy Billow speaks on what it means to have 'noble character' when reading the scriptures. Searching the scriptures with eagerness, being receptive to the message that the Holy Spirit is communicating through them are just a couple examples of this dynamic. Join us as we dig deeper into the meaning of this concept, and what it should mean for every believer in Christ.