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Jeremiah Session 14 ( Chapter 21) 

Pastor Troy Billow begins this session by sharing a few additional thoughts on Jeremiah chapter 20, particularly where Jeremiah feels depressed and demoralized in his ministry. In Chapter 21, the Lord sends a message to King Zedekiah (the last king of Judah) that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon is going to invade the nation of Judah, and he will be successful in this invasion. In fact, God warns that if the people fight Nebuchadnezzar, they will be really fighting God Himself, because God is sending this invasion as an ordained judgment on the nation. So, God is offering an ultimatum to the King and the people there; surrender to Nebuchadnezzar and live, or fight him and his forces and die. 

Jeremiah Session 13 ( Chapters 18 - 20)

In Jeremiah chapter 18, God uses a word picture of a potter creating pottery, and if it is marred in any way, the potter smashes it and starts new. Such is what God is doing with Judah. In chapter 19, God instructs Jeremiah to buy a clay flask and smash it to pieces, illustrating the point that as God bought Israel and Judah, they are now useless to Him in their current state. In chapter 20, Jeremiah is put in shackles, mocked, and despised, which makes him fall into a state of depression. But the truth of the Lord burns as a fire that motivates Jeremiah and keeps him going. Join us as we see how history in 7th century B.C. and its lessons apply so vividly today, in these end times. 

Jeremiah Session 12 ( Chapter 16 & 17) 

In Jeremiah chapter 16, God instructs Jeremiah to harden his heart towards and distance himself from the people of Judah. Not doing so can compromise the stern seriousness, depth, and potency of the truth that God instructs Jeremiah to deliver on the nation. In chapter 17, God tells the nation that a cursed nation is a nation that trusts in man, while a blessed nation is a nation that trusts in God. In a world of "trust the experts", how does this same dynamic play out today?

Jeremiah Session 11 ( Chapter 15)

There is a tremendous gap between a heart attuned to God (Proverbs 2:1-5) and what is happening here in Judah and Israel, chronicled in these chapters of Jeremiah. In Jeremiah chapter 15, Jeremiah is pleading with God to do something and to remember His covenants and association with the nation. Also at this time, Jeremiah is feeling discouraged, fearful, grieved, and weary from being rejected, persecuted, and mocked. But God assures Jeremiah that what he did for Israel when their hearts were right, He will do to him because his heart remains right and obedient. How can we relate to that now? Find out in this session in our study on the Book o Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah Session 10 ( Chapters 12 Cont. - 14)

The reality for Judah and Israel in 7th century B.C. has turned into a grave question for our country in the 21st century A.D.; Are we watching our country disintegrate? 

In chapter 12. God assures Jeremiah that all will be set right, after Jeremiah vents his frustration over the level of prosperity accrued by the wicked. In chapter 13, God gives Jeremiah a visual to illustrate and expound on by having him buy a new linen belt, take it to Perath, and hide it in a crevice in the rocks and come back. When God tells Jeremiah to come back, Jeremiah finds that the belt is completely ruined and useless. This in turn paints a vivid illustration of Israel and Judah in God's eyes. In chapter 14, God is about to send drought, famine, and a sword to the nations. How did all of these things fare then, and how are they faring and flaring up today as the entire world is heading towards disaster, discipline, and wrath comparable to that described in the book of Revelation? 

Jeremiah Session 9 ( Chapters 11 & 12) 

In Jeremiah chapter 11, God's people turn away from him, worshipping other gods, thus breaking their covenant with Him and making themselves suitable for God's judgment. In Chapter 12, Jeremiah vents his frustration with God, as it seems as though the wicked are prospering, while the righteous are suffering. How can we see or relate to these very concepts today?

Jeremiah Session 8 ( Chapter 11)

In this session, Pastor Troy Billow and Rob Case evaluate and review promises in previous chapters in the book of Jeremiah to shape what is going on culturally in the nation of Judah, described in chapter 11, what with their hardened hearts towards God, their idolatry, and their embrace of false prophets.