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Jeremiah Session 28 (Chapter 40 - 42)

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After the fall of Judah and Jerusalem to the Babylonians, events transpire that tests faith in God, loyalty to the new overlords, and actions that are taken which creates drama and intrigue. In chapter 40, Nebuzaraden, the Captain of the Guard of the Babylonian army, is aware of Jeremiah's prophecies, advising Judah to join the yoke of Babylon. This earns Jeremiah favor with him and the Babylonian army (and is the basis for God's protection over him), and the captain allows Jeremiah to choose where he wants to live, in Babylon or stay in Jerusalem. In chapter 41, the Babylonians install a governor by the name of Gedaliah to rule over Judah. A Jewish zealot by the name of Ishmael incites a mob and assassinates the new governor, while taking down  other Babylonian officials helping him keep order. In chapter 42, the leaders ask Jeremiah to pray for guidance and direction as to what to do from there. They assure Jeremiah that they will obey the voice of the Lord, so God sends Jeremiah a message to them, telling them that He will build them up, promises that they will remain in the land, tells them not to be afraid of Nebuchadnezzar, and assures them that He will be with them, should they trust Him. 

Jeremiah Session 27 (Chapter 38 & 39)

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Jeremiah's enemies, with King Zedekiah's permission, captures Jeremiah, lowers him into a pit of mud, and leaves him to die as he sinks. An Ethiopian by the name of Ebed Melech, with Zedekiah's permission, pulls Jeremiah out of the pit. With the nation of Judah running out of food and water, and the inevitability of the invasion by the Babylonians looming closer, Zedekiah pulls Jeremiah aside, and asks what he should do. Jeremiah tells King Zedekiah that in order to save himself and the city, he needs to surrender to the Babylonians. It is the ultimate battle over the fate of a nation and a king who is double minded in regards as to who or what he should trust; his instinct, or God's word through the prophet he condemns. In chapter 39, King Nebuchadnezzar lays siege to Jerusalem. King Zedekiah tries to escape, deserting the very people under him who he has doomed. Nebuchadnezzar catches up to him, kills his sons in front of him, and gouges out his eyes. From there, the REALITY of the terror that is surrounding Judah and Israel is advancing and materializing, while every key position is being taken over and filled by the Babylonians. As this is all transpiring, Ebed Melech has a message from God of comfort and hope.

Jeremiah Session 26 (Chapter 36 & 37)

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In Jeremiah chapter 36, Jeremiah enlists a scribe to read a message of judgment on the nation of Judah on a scroll and send it to King Jehoiakim. To show his contempt for Jeremiah, he burns the scroll as it is being read by one of his aides. Jeremiah dictates the message once again and has the message rewritten, however God declares that King Jehoiakim will be punished severely for destroying the scroll. In Chapter 37, King Zedekiah of Jerusalem forges an alliance with the Egyptians in hopes to take pressure off from the squeeze of the Babylonians. Jeremiah warns that the plan will fail, so Jeremiah is falsely accused of treason, refuse to hear him out and proceed with a punishment, strikes him, and throws him into prison left to stay, though with bread. Where have we seen something similar like this play out in recent history?

Jeremiah Session 25 (Chapter 33 - 35)

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In chapter 33, God promises to bring health, healing, and restoration to Israel/ Judah, and raise unto David a righteous branch which once again points to prophecies about Jesus and His coming Kingdom on earth. In chapter 34, the city will fall to Babylon and King Zedekiah will be captured by King Nebuchadnezzar. Then in chapter 35, we are introduced to a people seeking refuge in Jerusalem called the Rechabites. Jeremiah offers them wine, but they refuse to drink because their faither (generations prior) commanded them not to drink. And so, to honor their father, they follow his commands. Jeremiah uses their example of honor and devotion to show Judah and Jerusalem the magnitude of their unfaithfulness towards God. 

Jeremiah Session 24 (Chapter 32)

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Jeremiah acknowledges God's power, provision, interaction, and intervention when it comes to Him and his safety. He also knows that God has done many great things, taking care of His people, making good on His promises, and showing uncommon patience so that none would perish. In chapter 32, despite the looming invasion that is about to transpire by the Babylonians, Jeremiah takes a step of faith and purchases his uncle's field, knowing that God promises that houses, fields, & vineyards will once again be possessed in the land. What does this step of faith reveal? Is Jeremiah going too far, or is there something deeper going on to the point where he's putting his money where God's promises are? In this program we delve into the significance of what this land purchase really means. 

Jeremiah Session 23 (Chapter 31 Cont.)

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We continue chapter 31 of Jeremiah with discussion on how God's leaving of the temple reflects a heart issue deep down. Also, what is The New Covenant, and how does Jesus Christ fulfill that? Also, a special guest who is fervently involved in local politics joins this week's bible study with what turns into a lively debate about God's sovereignty. Is God really in control? If He is, how do you reconcile so many of the chaotic and lawless things that are going on in America and on a global scale? Is thinking that God is not in control a good enough catalyst for Christians to get involved in political affairs? We address all of this, and then some, in this tightly packed, honest, hard hitting, and thought-provoking podcast. 

Jeremiah Session 22 (Chapter 31)

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In chapter 31, God emphasizes a bright future for Israel. God will bless it, rebuild it, bring people to it, and personally dwell in it forever. This new covenant, and the promises that go with it, can only be executed by a future King that God will raise up and put on the throne of David. The identification for this future King will, over the course of time, be revealed as Jesus Christ (Hebrews 8:8-12, 10:16-17) since He is the only one in history who is qualified to build God's Kingdom and complete the fulfillment of all of His promises and prophecies.