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Jeremiah Session 7 ( Chapters 9 & 10) Session 7 %28Chapters 9 %26 10%29.mp3

In chapter 9 of Jeremiah, the people of Judah and Israel are so entrenched in fake information, fake people, and fake religion, while always pursuing evil practices. That said, when people lose their awareness of the one true God, they chase after idols (whatever is the primary object/habit/pursuit of one's heart other than Him). What distinguishes the living God from idols? We will answer that question and examine how all of the things mentioned are perilously problematic in our time and culture today. 

Jeremiah Session 6 ( Chapters 7 & 8)

In chapter 7 of Jeremiah, the Lord commands Jeremiah to stand at the entrance of the temple in Jerusalem and call for the people to turn back to the Lord, as it's not enough to engage in religious rituals when one's heart isn't into it. Empty rituals are worthless to God. In chapter 8, the religious leaders of Judah have led people astray, and as a result, God will not only judge them, but they will die and be buried in the most disgraceful way possible. How are these messages, warnings, and truths prevalent in our time today? Find out as we examine the modern day equivalents to these ancient behaviors.

Jeremiah Session 5 ( Chapters 5 & 6)

In Jeremiah chapter 5, God challenges Jeremiah to find anyone who will act justly and listen to the truth. The nation is entrenched in falsehood on so many levels, and like an adulteress who lives only for herself, she's always looking for her next thrill, while her heart is hardened towards her husband. As the nation lies in this condition, God can't find a single righteous and faithful person other than Jeremiah himself. We discuss how this applies so strongly today. Also, in Jeremiah chapter 6, God is executing his wrath against Judah and Israel by bringing an enemy nation from the north against them. Their condition will inevitably lead to their defeat. Though a chance to escape this judgment is offered, the people continue not to heed the warnings and care, while continuing to descend into total depravity. How do we see these sorts of things active in our society today? 

Jeremiah Session 4 ( Chapter 4)

God calls for His people to return to Him, or He will bring devastation to the land of Judah. The magnitude of this devastation leads Jeremiah to lament over the inevitable fate of His people. Join us as we study the implications of this dynamic to not only the people in Jeremiah's day, but also the people in our nation today. 

Jeremiah (Session 3) Chapter 3

In chapter 3 of Jeremiah, God refers to the nations of Israel and her sister Judah as not only unfaithful adulteresses, but prostitutes, whoring around with surrounding pagan nations. What did that mean for them then, and what does that mean for us today? 

Jeremiah (Session 2) Chapters 1 & 2

In Chapter 1, at a time where wickedness is rampant among the nations of Israel and Judah, God commissions a young Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nations. Afraid and feeling unqualified, God commands Jeremiah to say what God wants Him to say and go where He sends him. The nations are about to be judged, and Jeremiah must warn them of their impending doom if they do not turn back to God. In chapter 2, God uses Jeremiah to address their rebellion and idols. How are these dynamics prevalent today? Find out as Pastor Troy Billow and Rob W. Case examine chapters 1 and 2 on this podcast series on The Book of Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah (Session 1) Introduction

Pastor Troy Billow and Rob W. Case presents a Bible Study on the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah is filled with wisdom in that it reveals how God feels about issues, behaviors, lifestyles, politics, and truth in a nation that was established by Him. In that it tells what happens when a nation moves away from God, His precepts, and His influence, generating wickedness, idolatry, evil, falsehoods, and foolishness to dominate in the land, the culture, and environment. This session is an introduction to the book of Jeremiah.