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Kingdom Calling (Acts 20:25-31)

As the darkness surrounds us daily, with the intent to disrupt and discourage our lives, the vitality of effective leadership is most critical in offering people a way to transcend its subjective pull. What does that mean? The Apostle Paul reveals to us that preaching the Kingdom of God is serious business, especially when you consider that our access to it was purchased with the blood of Christ to free us from every form of darkness. And yet, the power of conveying these realities relies heavy on how serious we take the scriptures, and communicating its truth (regardless of what people may think) in order to truly free people from the thoughts, actions, burdens, and griefs that the enemy bombards us with every day.

Spiritual GPS (Acts 20:22-24)

The world we live in these days is deep in chaos, confusion, turmoil, and death. Despite these things, it does not want anything to do with Christ. Cancel culture attacks anything and everything that does not toe the line to the forces that control it. Persecution is on the rise. Sound doctrine is even being rejected by some Christians. And that's not all. Despite these forces and influences, God wants to give His people guidance and motivation to preach the Gospel, especially in these last days. The Holy Spirit has our direction and our destiny set, like a GPS, and He is the one who compels people to serve Him. The question is; do we have our "Spiritual GPS" on, and are we following it to the direction that the Spirit has set for us? In this message, we see how Paul allowed himself to be led by the Holy Spirit, and why it is so important for followers of Christ to do the same today.

Commission Commitment (Acts 20:13-21)

A Gallup Poll released in March of 2021 stated that church membership has fallen below the majority for the first time ever, since they started taking score in 1937. Today 47% of adults in the U.S. currently belong to a church, a synagogue, or a mosque. This has created a situation where our own backyard has now become a mission field where a broad number of Americans do not know Christ. In this message, Pastor Troy Billow takes Paul's example of addressing this matter. Paul had passion and was stirred up to preach the gospel, and God uses people like that. In other words, then, like today, God enables and empowers people who are in ACTION.

The Vine Dresser (John 15:1-17)

Pastor John Billow elaborates on the metaphor Jesus gave on "the vine and the branches" in John chapter 1. How important is it for a believer to remain in Christ? What does it mean to "bear fruit?" What does it mean to "prune" the branches? What does Jesus mean when He says "If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned," and proclaim eternal security? Join us as we delve deep into the meanings behind this analogy.

Resurrection Reality (Acts 20:7-12)

What do we see all around us? What do we see all over the news? Death. Death hits all types of people at all ages, and has a deep and emotional impact on all our lives. In this message, we see how a young man named Eutychus, who was sitting at a window, listening to Paul speak, fell asleep and dropped three stories down to his death. Paul threw himself on Eutychus's broken body, wrapped his arms around Eutychus, and he came back to life again. Despite the power that death has over us, God wants us to know that He is not going to let death have the final word, especially when He gets involved.

Divine Logistics (Acts 20:1-6)

On the surface, Acts 20:1-6 appears to be a set of minut details concerning Paul's ministry and some of the men that helped Him on His mission. But there is much more to that. When you look deeper into the text, it becomes a lesson in logistics. In this message, Pastor Troy Billow shows us how Paul, who had a lot going on, with many moving pieces, was, with God's help, able to address disruptions, ministry needs, relationship challenges, garnering cooperation from others, and more, to move the Gospel message forward. From this, we see how we need God's divine help to help us with the logistics in our life.

The Glory Road (John 12: 23-35)

From chapter 12 on in the Gospel of John, John records the last week of Jesus’s life. In that week, Jesus prepares His disciples for His homegoing, yet preaches and teaches His resurrection. In this message, Pastor John Billow teaches how Christ’s resurrection is His glory, and He teaches His disciples, using agriculture, that if you’re unwilling to give yourself up to embrace and accept the Savior, then you’re going to lose your life (the way it is, and the direction that it is going). As you hate the life that you had, it better equips you to serve with eternal life as the driving force, and God honors that. God honors and equips His servants, and uses all of these things to show His glory and to draw people to him.

He's Gone ! (John 20: 1-10)

After the darkness comes light, joy, and restoration of life as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and how a relationship with Him, because He rose from the grave, changes hearts, minds, and attitudes of those who let Him in their hearts. In this message, Pastor John Billow discusses the effective impact that trusting in a risen Christ has on those who have truly trusted Jesus, and how the reality of the resurrection can give us hope for today in any situation.

"The Darkness" Tenebrae Service 2021

Join us in a special service for Good Friday, as Rob W. Case and Living Faith's music group "As One" take you down a narrative journey of the final moments of Jesus Christ up to the moment of His death.

For This Very Hour (John 12:12-28)

Pastor Troy Billow brings a special message for Palm Sunday. Because humankind was hopefully lost in sin, God created a master plan, involving His son to die as a sacrifice for us. But this task wasn't easy. People, including Jesus's disciples, had great expectations for Jesus, as they yearned and longed for a King who would crush their oppressors (in this case, the Roman Empire) and rule with a rod of iron. In fact waving palms around in celebration is what people would do towards a conquering King, even putting a crown made of palms on his head. But when they saw that His Kingdom was not of this world, they were disappointed. But what God has initiated, through His master plan is a Kingdom in which he shows us His love, His power, and His grace, and uses people like us to give Him glory,. And what has God used all of this for? For the salvation and restoration of our souls.