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Heavenly Father (Luke 15:20-24)

Whether you were an individual who grew up with a loving father, or you grew up with no father, a mean father, a father who caused you some kind of pain, or a father who abandoned you, there is a Heavenly Father who loves you, who cares about you, and wants to be intimately involved in your life. Drawing from Jesus's story of "The Prodigal Son" in Luke chapter 15, Jesus explains how the love of our Heavenly Father graciously reaches out to us, even in the midst of a rebellious and distant life away from Him. In this special Fathers Day message, Pastor Troy explains what lengths this Father took to win you over, and how he waits for and celebrates those who decide to come home to Him.

His Kingdom (2 Timothy 4:1-8)

In the midst of this broken world system that seems to be disintegrating all around us - we are called to be a voice for the Gospel and to look forward to the Kingdom of God.


In matters of pandemics and potential threats to our physical health, it is easy to ignore the state of our spiritual health. But it is in spiritual healing that Christ has the power to heal you in ways that it impacts you physically.

Easter Message


Passover Message

Pandemic Message

3/08/2020 - The Wise Choice

Pastor Troy Billow  (Acts 15:36-16:5)

3/01/2020 - Called to be Free

Pastor John Billow  (Galations 5:13-18)

2/23/2020 - Purified Hearts

Pastor Troy Billow  (Acts 15:1-21)